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Politically correct identity thuggery

The following post is from LibCom, regarding the thuggery increasingly demonstrated by people practicing identity politics.

There was an intervention at a conference in Portland yesterday. It doesn’t quite reach the levels of the “smack a white boy” crimethinc intervention in terms of cringe-inducing inward focused leftist cultish behaviour, but it comes close.

Here’s the video of the intervention:

There was some kind of massive argument about a previous conference that led to Kristian Williams publishing this piece.

This annoyed lots of people who decided Kristian Williams shouldn’t be allowed to speak, as by questioning other people’s accounts of the fallout following a mishandled mediation process related to a sexual assault incident, he is silencing victims and via Maoist guilt by association mechanisms almost as guilty as the actual sexual assaulter.

Patriarchy and the Movement statement from 2013.

KW statement about recent incident.

All links in the original LibCom post have been converted into hyperlinks.


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