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The Left Will Eat Itself by Mykel Board

Mykel Board - Street Carnage

Mykel Board – Street Carnage

by Mykel Board

All the nobility should be hanged… strangled with the guts of the priests.” -Jean Meslier, often quoted by the anarchist left.

In addition to ass-fucking, the Greeks invented the Ouroboros: a snake eating its own tail. According to Wikipedia, the symbol meant “self-reflexivity or cyclicality.”

I disagree. That snake is not cyclical, but self-destructive. It’s eating itself… thinking that the meat is fine nourishment. A feast… until that snake disappears down its own throat.

The Ouroboros is The Left in America… in the world. They have a never-ending history of eating themselves. During the Spanish Civil war, the Communists let the Fascists win… so the anarchists wouldn’t take control. That’s Ouroboros. In Russia, the lefty Bolsheviks took power in 1917. First in front of the firing squad: the lefty Mensheviks. That’s Ouroboros. Traditionally, the libertarian left loses to the totalitarian left.– but the war continues. That’s Ouroboros.

Leftists imagine everyone on the right are hood-wearing, religious fanatics who want to outlaw condoms, invade Iran, and pull milk bottles from the hands of colored babies. You’ll see leftist accusations against the Tea Party for the sins of the Westboro Baptists.

Likewise, those on the right imagine a monolithic left– Obama, Che Guevara and Ted Kaczynski. Together planning the downfall of White America as they know it. The reality is much different.

Take anarchists… please!

What could be more anarchist that church-burning? It’s not, of course, their exclusive province. Last centruy, black southern churches were burned by the racist right. In Norway, the Heavy Metal Satanists did the burning.

Still, anarchist antipathy to THE CHURCH is as old as anarchism itself. Throughout history, anarchists have called for the destruction of religion… and the church– all churches.

The cast of characters:

Lawrence Jarach: editor of Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed”

Qilombo “a racial community social center”: individuals involved are not identified

The scene: [Note: I’m piecing this together from what I’ve read and heard. I wasn’t there. I’ve asked each side to comment. Only Anarchy Magazine has taken up the offer.]

It’s the Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair. Lawrence Jarach makes a speech… as anarchists are wont to do. [Note: According to Lawrence, the actual comments were made in December– MONTHS before the Book Fair. “It was not a speech,” he insists, “just comments in a discussion.”] Whatever you call it, it, unsurprisingly, advocated BURN THE CHURCHES.]

Lawrence: The churches must be burned!

Qilombo supporter: What about the black churches?

Lawrence: The black churches must be burned.. All churches must be burned!

Months later, at the book fair, according to an email from Lawrence:

the attack initiated by three people (and about ten supporters) from Qilombo began around 3:40pm when I was cornered near the restroom, and continued after I walked back to the CAL Press/Anarchy magazine vendor table, ending at around 4 when we decided to leave;

This is censorship, plain and simple. How can people excuse such tactics… especially anarchists? Well, let’s see. Lawrence posted a letter explaining what happened And how did the other side respond?

yes, “burn black churches” …this candid comment he made during a public meeting was called out at the bookfair, he (Lawrence) was told to leave. being an anarchist doesn’t give you a pass to make blatantly racist comments. especially in historically black oakland.

what people did at the bookfair is nothing compared to what could have happened if the comment was made around black people and not a room full of majority white anarchists–you’re lucky you actually haven’t actually gotten an assbeating for it. and the fact that there is no sort of apology or remorse for these words, only displays you’re white-entitlement.

Besides the awful grammar, this shows incredible politics. Groups opposed to government violence and laws enforced with that violence– threaten their own violence. Not only do they become the government, they become the cops.

Identity anarchy vs class anarchy vs lifestyle anarchy. You need a scorecard to tell the players. It would be funny if… No! It IS funny!! Hilarious. I get quotes on my facebook posts like, “racism has nothing to do with race.” How else can your respond except hahahahahahaha? I’m waiting for the TV sitcom.

The anarchists mirror the commies (Stalin vs Lenin), the feminists (Sluts vs Prudes), the liberals (hate Obama vs hate The Nation). The left is so busy in-fighting that they barely have time for anyone else.

The right, of course, has it’s own in-fighting: National Socialists vs Libertarians vs Christian Rightists vs White Powerites (Identity Politics from the other side). But that’s another column.

Right now, I’m off to HEAVY-R to jerk off to some guy getting his balls nailed to a table. Just don’t forward this to any anarchists. That next pair of balls might just be mine.



2 responses to “The Left Will Eat Itself by Mykel Board

  1. Mm ⋅

    The above clarifying comment makes the entire article come across as a shallow, rambling mess.

  2. Mykel Board ⋅

    I received a reply from Qilombo AFTER this was published. It follows:

    Hello Mykel,

    Qilombo was not involved in the altercation you mention that took place at the Bay Area Anarchist Bookfair, and the space has no comment on the matter.

    Lawrence Jarach came by the Qilombo table and antagonized a few of our volunteers, so those volunteers took it upon themselves as autonomous individuals to call him out for something that occurred at an another venue, at another point in time, and requested that he leave the bookfair. If you would like more details, you will need to reach out to the actual parties involved.
    If I hear any more, I’ll let you know.


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